West Coast Maritime Training

(Bremerton, WA & Las Vegas, NV)

We teach only two classes:

WCMTLD - 751 - Leadership and Managerial Skills (35 hours- 5 days)


WCMTLD - 768 - Leadership and Team Working Skills (8hrs – One day)

If you are a merchant marine officer, these are the STCW classes the USCG is requiring by 31 Dec 2016.
Both courses are U.S. Coast Guard approved.
(See approvals)      

Winter Rates for Bremerton:  $899 for the 5-day class Leadership and Managerial Skills.

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Places we serve:

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OUR Customers:  Though we are a new business founded in the spring of this year, we have had the pleasure to train students from several of these wonderful organizations:  UN-Cruise, Military Sealift Command, Washington State Ferries,  University of Alaska, Alaskan Marine Highways, Chevron, Exxon, Foss Maritime, Coastal Transportation, U.S. Navy, General Dynamics, Maersk, American Maritime Officers, MMP, Southeast Alaskan Pilots,  Boyer Towing, Kirby, Channel Construction, Marine Spill Response, Dunlap Towing, Ruby Marine, Icycle, Artic Seafoods, Stabbert Maritime, Sause Brothers, Island Tug and Barge, and many many others.  Some of our students are not mariners aboard ships but rather management who are interested in the leadership and managerial principals we teach.


* Our five-day course is for maritime industry personnel and is not available to the general public at this time.


*For US Government classes: DUNS No. 080178084  CAGE Code: 7KHR3